Simple Oscars Party

It's the day of the Academy Awards and although I didn't have time to get a party together like I did last year, I'm here to help if you're trying to round up a few ideas this afternoon for a super-simple last-minute shin dig.

1. RED CARPET TABLE CLOTH - Let your finger foods (cheese and crackers, fruit and veggie trays, etc) have a little red carpet of their own. Buy a plastic table cloth from Dollar Tree and let the food look even more glamourous. 

2. LOTS OF POPCORN - Don't think too much "cooking" any food. Pop tons of bags and buy a few different toppings for your guests to add on themselves. These cute popcorn containers can be found at Dollar Tree

3. GOOGLE "CLAPBOARD" - Search for images of very "Hollywood" things (clapboards, film cameras, gold stars, etc), print them out, tape to toothpicks and decorate the foods on the red carpet. 

4. DRESS IT UP - Buy a fun new outfit that makes your feel like a celebrity. Tell your friends to do the same and take tons of selfies in your (chic and cheap) glam outfits. Pictured are a pair of earringsclutchshoes and a dress from Target. 

5. PLAY THE GUESSING GAME - Let your party-goers have a friendly competition with this 2014 ballot found on Make sure to have a prize for the winner...if if it's a plastic Oscar or a old Valentine's Day box of chocolates.

Of course, you can always slide into your sweats, pop a bag of popcorn for yourself, crawl onto your chaise lounge and not move for the remainder of the afternoon/evening/night. Not saying that's what I'll be doing, but I'm not denying it either. 

Happy Oscars!