Ready for Spring

As Coach said this week, as he browsed the upcoming cold weather forecast, "Oh man! And we were doing so well!" We were doing so well, Texas. It was starting to feel like know? That beautiful 75-degree-day. Not too hot. Not too cold. And although it only lasted a mili-second, it was glorious.

My nanny-girls and I have been trapped indoors for such a long time. Not only did the time-change keep us from our fun times in the great outdoors, but the cold weather has kind of taken its toll as well. This is the longest winter I remember having (it started getting cold really early!) and I am so done with it, y'all! While it does remain grumpy outside this week (the high today is expected to be 42°), [P] and I actually had a jacket-less, shiver-less moment at the park last week.

I'm so ready for the days we get to do this all the time!

So, hurry it up, Spring and feel free to stay as long as you can.