Scandal Watch Party Menu

Tonight is the season premiere of Scandal and my best girls and I are getting together to enjoy one of our favorite shows we love to hate. Love because of the intrigue. Hate because of the anxiety it causes. Here's a few of the things I'm doing tonight to host our Scandalous Girl's Night. 

I made cute little red and black food cards in photoshop (but you can use Word, if that's all you have). I used a free font from called Shredded. Here's all the food I'll be serving tonight, along with my chicken tacos and fixins'. 


OLIVIA 'POPE'CORN - Just pop up a bag or two or popcorn and play on Olivia's last name. 
'FITZ' KAT BARS - Pick up some "Kit Kats" and slap Mr. President's name on them.
'QUINN' MINTS - Represent Quinn! "Grasshoppers" by Keebler are a girl-scout Thin Mint alternative.
GLADIATOR DIP - Mexican 7-layer dip. There's tons of different recipes on Pinterest
'HUCK'LEBERRIES - I'm not even sure what a huckleberry is, but I know strawberries and blueberries can be a good replacement. I had to use "Huck," somewhere, though! He's our favorite. 
'CYRUS' BEANS - Cyrus' last name is "Beenes," so I'll add his title above my beans for the toppings. 
GUACA-'MOLE' - Remember being on-edge waiting to find out who was the mole? Buy some avocados and mash them up with salsa for simple version of guacamole. 
FROZEN 'ROSENS' - This can be a number of frozen items (margaritas, ice cream, etc). Mine will be coconut popsicles with a coconut|pineapple sparkling drink poured over the top. Delicious nod to Mr. David Rosen. 

If you're in need of some last-minute watch-party decorations, 
shred up random paper and throw it around everywhere. That was easy, huh?