Oscars Watch Party

If you follow my instagram feed, you got to see a few sneak peeks here and there of my Oscars party. I've finally had time to upload the whole thing (bonus: you get to see my living room and kitchen...even though my "house tour" won't be posted until I get something to decorate above my couch!) 

I used my new side table area as a bar. How very Don Draper of me, right? I thought so. Above the couch I created tassel garland from tissue paper, stars from a party store and a giant gold-spray-painted freehand foam-board cutout of "Oscar." He's a little lumpy, but he got the job done. 

Remember my swizzle-stick inspiration by The Flair Exchange? I stuck some blueberries on the bottom of mine and put in the freezer for a day. They added a little navy/gold pizazz to the clear glasses. 

On the other side of my living room is the kitchen counter. Below the giant blue balloons (Little cheap-o trick: I did not fill these with helium...they're taped to the ceiling!) I layed out the "red carpet" for all the foods, complete with paparazzi photographer-toothpicks in every bowl and plate. 

I named all my foods after some of the nominated movies. I made up my menu BEFORE thinking about naming them, I had to get really creative...It was hard. To say these names are cheesy is an understatement, but it worked. 

"Sky Balls" for sausage balls (Sky Fall) + "Bacon Unchained" for the bacon-wrapped sausages (Django Unchained).

"Lincolnutella Rolls" for the chocolate-filled bread rolls...which turned out nothing like the "sushi" look that was planned. 

I have no idea what I was doing wrong! (Lincoln). 

"Life of Oreos" for the pile of cookies (Life of Pi) + "Silver-Lined Strawberries" for the cheesecake-stuffed strawberries dipped in silver sprinkles (Silver-Linings Playbook). 

"Toppings of the Southern Wild" included cheese, sour cream, bacon and popcorn chicken to top-off the Mashtinis (Beasts of the Southern Wild). 

I dressed up my martini glasses (which I bought a couple of hours before the party at Dollar Tree: $1 each) thanks to a sparkly idea I had a few days before. 

By the way, the mashed potatoes were a hit! I used a slow-cooker recipe from the Budget Savvy Diva and just about everybody thought they were the "best mashed potatoes [they've] ever had!" They also couldn't believe I made them from actual potatoes...I'm a housewife now guys, I got this! :)

The coffee table was complete with caramel popcorn, my friend's favorite movie theater candies and "Les Chocolats." (Les Miserables)

I love these girls...they're my DFW bridesmaids, if you didn't recognize them. We all met in 2008 as freshmen in college (with the exception of one, who we met in 2009...youngster!) I can't believe we're on year 5 of best-friendship. We have watched a lot of awards shows over the years and hopefully, that's a tradition we can always keep. I'm already planning on a season finale of Scandal watch party...Maybe a more diet-friendly menu next time?..probably not :)