Sponsor Lovin: Bourbon & Goose

I don't know about you all, but I am beyond excited when I see a couple's blog. I can barely get my husband to strike a pose for a picture, let alone ask him to be involved in the actual blogging process. I can't even imagine asking! Anyway, my sponsor Marissa explains why her and her man started a blog together:

"Bourbon and Goose is a lifestyle blog, created as a passion project by Sam and me over a year ago. After realizing that we had been to over 42 concerts in a year (this includes 2 major music festivals: Coachella and Lollapalooza), it was our mission to start sharing our love for music and crazy adventures around Los Angeles. While it is a challenge to keep up on documenting our ramblings (we are trying to be better about it!), we take our free time seriously which is easy to do in a city that provides lots of creative options and adventures. Luckily for us, our new neighborhood Atwater Village provides just what we’ve been searching for: fun. Case in point: when Sam isn’t working on sets like Weeds, Parks and Recreation, you can most likely find him in his workshop building his latest car for the monthly Knotty Pine Derby Races at Bigfoot Lodge (he’s got the trophies to prove it). 

As for me, when I’m not doing my day job as a Creative Director for a top online beauty company, I spend my free time checking out the latest upcoming music acts thanks to my volunteer gig with Sofar Sounds and giving back through my work with Girls in Tech. Working with both groups of amazing people really keeps me inspired and being apart of a those communities are priceless. 

While our lives are intensely busy, Sam and I do make each other a top priority. For us, it’s all about time well spent with our pets, family and crafting up new projects on bourbon and goose."

Does their LA life not sound amazing?! I mean, Sam works on the set of my all-time favorite: PARKS & RECREATION!

If any of you guys live in LA (or plan on visiting), bourbon and goose has some of the best insider-local tips of where to go and what to see. Be sure to follow along as they post their adventures...together, as a couple!