5 Little Mistakes Us Big Girls Make

I want to be comfortable in a swim suit this year. That is all. Okay, lies! I want to drop a few jeans sizes, feel confident in all of my shirts, have only one chin and be comfortable in a swim suit this year. THAT is really all. Since those stupid swim suits are already being sold (even though it's a nice 35 degrees even here in Texas), I've come to the realization that though Summer is on its way, Spring isn't even here yet. Meaning, I actually have time to make some of my weight loss goals before short-shorts season gets here. March is the time, people!


Pills, fad diets, etc work for a time, I'm sure. However, I know from personal experiences that the crappy truth of the matter is: eating smaller portions, better foods and working out is what has to be done. Here are the mistakes I've been making and what I can no longer continue doing:

1. Wearing Stretchy Clothes: About once every week I get the awful realization that the jeans I was wearing for all my wedding weekend celebrations (just 3 months ago) do not button easily. The reason I realize it so rarely is because I wear yoga and sweatpants 95% of the time. Those comfy suckers don't let you know you're gaining weight.

2. Buying Hazelnut Spread: I saw this on sale as I was grocery shopping and bought it. I know it's fattening, but I also know "moderation is key," right? NOPE. The problem there is, I have no self control. Zero. None. I know I cannot buy this ever again because I will eat it all in terribly uncontrollable, un-moderated amounts (same for Oreos, ice cream, hot chocolate, brownies, milkshakes, Little Debbie snacks, etc, etc, etc).

3. Sitting + Wishing: "Oh I wish I was born skinny." "Oh I wish restaurants didn't serve me such large portions." "Oh I wish I could eat whatever I want and never work out and weigh 130 pounds." "She can, why can't I?" Been there. Done that. Ate that pint of ice cream. Wishing won't get us anywhere. It hasn't for the last 20+ years of my life, probably not going to fix anything in the next 20.

4. Believing Exercise is a Waste of Time: Fact: In high school I was probably 20 pounds smaller than I am now. What's the huge variable change in my life now and then? Exercise. I worked out 5 days a week in Athletics in high school. During basketball season it was around 3-4 hours a day. Now, I'm working on my computer all day and not making any time for exercise. It's a pretty clear truth that exercise matters, since I didn't exactly eat great as a teen!

5. Not Owning a Scale: I know this doesn't hold true for everyone and scale-obsession isn't good, but for me, I need the numbers. Numbers do not lie. My old scale became defective after all the moving I did last year and it's taken me a few months to replace it. Let me tell you: Ignorance is NOT bliss when you finally become enlightened. I have been putting on pounds and unfortunately, the "muscle weighs more than fat" rule doesn't apply here (see fact #4).

So, grab your bottle of water, friends and let's have a toast: "To a March full of exercise, eating less, eating better, drinking more water, being aware of our size, setting healthy goals, meeting them and just being a better + happier "me."

If you want some extra encouragement (or pressure), be sure to add me on My Fitness Pal (don't be scared: it shows your friends how many pounds you've lost when you check in...not the actual number). Let's do this thing!

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