Sponsor Lovin: Candy Lee + Organic Lotion

I want to introduce you to one of my sponsors today, Candy Lee. She's a Texas native, wife, bonus mom, photographer, and craft generalist. She spends her time stumbling through family life with a sense of humor and a hint of sarcastic wit. 

Her blog, CandyLee, chronicles the escapades of a modern blended family and provides snapshots into her photo-shoots and other artistic endeavors. Today, she'd love to tell you guys all about one of her new favorite go-to beauty products:

The Quest for Moisture… and none of that scary chemical stuff! 

"Of the many things my husband muses on in our marriage, he is convinced that I am getting all ‘hippy-crunchy-granola’ as I get older – and its true. I am becoming more and more aware of the content of items put onto and into our bodies. I have a nightly ritual of applying lotion/body butter to my hands and feet before sleep, lest I forget and wake up at 2 am feeling all dry and annoyed. The Quest for the perfect lotion has become more complicated as I start to try to read the ingredients. Enter Nourish Organic Body Lotion: Almond Vanilla. USDA Certified Organic, Chemical Free, Cruelty Free, and with a list of ingredients I can read – this stuff is everything I wanted! The scent of this divine creation reminds me of wet cookie dough – its subtle and not cloying and oddly calming. Even the 10-year-old walked in and immediately started searching for the source of this alluring scent. All of that is really icing – but does it do what it’s supposed to? Absolutely, my hands feel buttery and not a bit greasy or tacky. I give this stuff a 5 out of 5!"

Sounds like it may be one of those lotions you want to eat! I may have to go buy some for myself (not for eating, of course). Candy Lee made a great case for it, smells like "wet cookie dough?" Yes, please!

Be sure to go tell her "hello" and definitely let her know if you try Nourish (or are already a fan yourself). 
You can find her here: blog | pinterest | facebook | twitter