Whataburger Wedding Food

Before I was even engaged, I watched "Four Weddings" on TLC, probably way too much. One thing happens every single episode: the dinner stinks. The waiters come out with pretentious $45-a-plate green beans and chicken and not only does it usually look disgusting, most people agree: is IS disgusting! Coach and I didn't want that on our wedding day. 

I've always loved breakfast foods (any time of day) and I ended up being engaged to a man who felt the same (even our proposal was over a breakfast-for-dinner). It was inevitable: breakfast would happen for our wedding dinner! I really wanted to figure out how we could have our favorite main dishes: sausage, egg & cheese biscuits (his fav) and honey-butter chicken biscuits (my fav) from our go-to fast-food chain, Whataburger.

As you all read during my planning-process, I wrote a crazy Whataburger wedding dream, started a Twitter hashtag & even promised to change my wedding colors if it happened.


To my delight, a corporate Whataburger representative emailed me a few days later, helping me find a solution to getting breakfast to my wedding, despite their breakfast cut-off times. I was so surprised and excited and totally overwhelmed!

Our local Whataburger got in contact with us a couple of weeks before the big day, offering to deliver our biscuits to our venue themselves. They delivered just as our ceremony wrapped up, bringing our food as well as a beautiful gift basket as a wedding present for Coach and I.


Our guests dined on a buffet of Whataburger biscuits and each got a coupon for more Whataburger breakfast foods. They truly went above and beyond for our guests and we are so grateful.

On our long drive to Houston the day after our wedding for our cruise, you can be sure we didn't leave Dallas without another round of biscuits for the trip. We're so glad that they were such a big part of our wedding day and I'm pretty sure our guests were too.