Perfect Pancakes

This weekend, it was time again for some much-needed pancakes. Coach and I absolutely love these things. Although they aren't as simple as shake and pour, they're just about that easy! I thought I'd let you in on our little pancake secret. 

We're not a cook-from-scratch-type of household, so this is how we roll with pancakes: 

ONE Whataburger Pancake Mix
TWO - Teaspoon or two of Vanilla
THREE - Coconut Spray

Just mix up the right amount of water to the mix, according to the package, and a little vanilla. Once that's done, fire up a skillet or griddle and use coconut oil spray between pancakes. Soon, you'll have a pile of perfect pancakes.

Most of my pancakes do not turn out looking too pretty, but every once in a while, I'll get one that's nearly a circle. Have to capture the proud moment when one comes around!

We love our breakfast and we sure love pancakes! When we can't go out and get our Whataburger breakfast on, we're glad we can still have their pancakes in our home!