Spontaneously New York

Have you ever purchased a plane ticket about a week before the trip? That's me! Yesterday as I was thinking about my plans for Easter, I had a light bulb moment...Why don't I spend it in New York? Coach will be away at a tournament and while I'd love to spend it with family, I haven't seen my best friends since October when they moved and it's been entirely too long!

At work, we get Good Friday off, so it's the perfect time to make an extended-weekend getaway. Thursday to Sunday isn't a huge amount of time, but from my own experience, there's a lot of New York that can be seen in just a weekend! 

Any suggestions for where I must go while I'm there? I know my friends will have plenty of hot spots picked out for us to hit up, but if there's a place I just CANNOT miss, let me know in the comments!