NYC | Park Pillow Fight

Last Saturday may have been the first truly beautiful spring day in New York this year. Our coats were on, but the sun was shining and the wind was just the right amount of chill. It was the perfect timing for a walk through Central Park. I've never seen the landmark before and now I can't imagine not going back anytime I'm nearby! 

We climbed up a giant rock and had an amazing view of so many buildings. I can only imagine how pretty that view will be when those trees are blooming again. I'll have to get my friends to go back and send me some more pictures! 

After soaking in some much-needed Vitamin D in Central Park, we made our way to Washington Square Park where an exciting event was going on - a celebration of International Pillow Fight Day. From afar it looked as though little cotton balls were dancing all around. These, of course, were just the tons of pillows being swung over and over. 

We didn't bring pillows of our own, but a few were being thrown through the air, so we got the chance to get in on the action (or pose for some pictures, at least). I got right in the middle at one point and got a few great shots with my gopro. 

Have any of you ever been to a pillow fight like this?!