NYC | A Grand Lunch

My extended weekend in New York began with a trip to Grand Central Station. I've never seen it before and now I realize the correlation between the building and its name. The place is nothing short of "grand." The colors, the vibrance, the busyness, the people. I loved every bit of it. 

The ceiling was absolutely mesmerizing. I really wish I had had the proper lenses to photograph and truly show off the entirety of it all. I probably could have just stared and stared all day long. It's really an intricate and impressive site. 

While Crystal and I weren't totally hungry for lunch yet, we stopped by the Magnolia Bakery and ordered a couple blonde brownies, which were completely amazing too. We spotted an open table and took a seat, where we chatted for an hour or two. Catching up after 5 months apart is tough stuff!

Keep checking back for more of my New York trip!
Have you ever been to Grand Central Station?