NYC | The Pint Shop

I am here to ride the pop up art shop wave this summer, y'all. First, in Dallas, but also, while on our most recent New York adventure. The Museum of Ice Cream's The Pint Shop pop up is to promote the upcoming release of the first MOIC ice cream line, coming to Target stores July 8. It's a [free] interactive-instagrammable hub for the colorful and cute. We went on a Wednesday around lunchtime and didn't even have to wait in line!


Once you inhale a few times after having your breath taken away from all the colors and cuteness, you can really see all the fun pieces lining the aisles. We're talking #MonochromaticGoals here! Trinkets, bags, cups, pins, crowns, stuffed animals, you name it. All in THE cutest designs, fitting in with the theme of each new ice cream flavor: Vanillionaire, Cherrylicious, Churro Churro, Chocolate Crush, Piñata, Sprinkle Pool and Nana Banana. 


From floor to ceiling, the walls are the perfect shades of pink, yellow and blue. We wore our most colorful outfits that we packed, but no matter what you're wearing, it's still going to look bring in The Pint Shop. 


The giant ice cream pints are so much fun. 1. Because "giant." 2. They each have their own photo opportunity inside each one. The Sprinkle Pool had a lifesaver swing above sprinkles, the Nana Banana had a banana-bonanza backdrop and Cherrylicious offered a tank of throwable cherry-confetti. Insta photo opps galore. 


As for the real ice cream, I had a hunch of what flavor would be my favorite. Piñata's flavor is described as "vanilla ice cream with iced animal cookies, frosted cupcake bites, fizzy cotton candies and rainbow sprinkles." Ummm. HELLO TO ME. 

We had the chance to try out a flavor and, of course, both went for this one. It was as perfect as you can imagine and maybe even a little more so. We wanted to buy all the Pinata pints, but didn't have a freezer at our hotel. I will be running...not walking...(okay, I'll quickly drive) to Target to snag one of these July 8. 


If you're headed to New York in the near future, pop by and see all the pink and pretty for yourself. The shop is open through August 2018, Wed. - Mon.; 12 - 9 p.m. If you're not traveling, the ice cream should be available at your nearby Target starting July 8. Delicious!