NYC | Summer Food Favs

A few things about Coach and I when we're traveling and looking for food. 1. We want breakfast. At all times. 2. We try really hard not to hit up any chains. 3. We don't care if it's a tourist trap. If it's fun and good food, we're just fine. 4. Speaking of fine, we will skip all fine dining and go with a place that gives us more food and more dessert. Quanitity is key. 

Now, if you're a even a little bit like us too, you may enjoy some of the places we hit up on our most recent New York trip:

Central Park

After the long flight from Texas, we just wanted to walk around, stretch our legs and take in some of the sights near our hotel. We ended up in Central Park, people-watching. You haven't truly people-watched until you've done so in Central Park. We picked out the most chocolatey Nutella waffle we saw at the little Wafels & Dinges booth, sat on a rock and enjoyed every single bite. 


1435 Broadway

Pizza slices bigger than your face. Our kind of pizza! This was a great late-night grab as we were out and about checking out the city that never sleeps. I mean, we were sleepy, but we were trying to blend in, so shoving our faces with pizza seemed like a good thing to do. And it was. 


45th Street

We found our breakfast spot! Junior's wasn't too far from our hotel, so it was the perfect way to begin our first full day in the city. Good cup of coffee, Texas-sized omelettes and plenty of other delicious options. They may be known for cheesecake, but I'm sure we'll be back for breakfast again someday.


8th Ave

You know how you walk your feet off in New York and sometimes you just need a good burger and fries so you don't pass out? Yep. It breaks some of our rules - There's a Shake Shack in our home city now and it's technically a chain...but, it was also a total life saver. It was super close to our hotel and we were probably a little dehydrated and delirious by the time we sat down. Hits the spot every time. 


178 Ludlow

At their recommendation, we met up with our college friends at this vibey spot. Yes. Please. Chicken and waffles always sound like a good time, but these were pretty exceptional. Even though I didn't venture out, they have some fun waffle options: Bacon-Cheddar, Dried Cherry, Rosemary-Mushroom, Apple Cinnamon or Spiced-Pecan.


177 Ludlow

After chowing down on chicken and waffles, find it within yourself to walk across the street to Black Tap and get yourself a milkshake. Yep. One of THOSE milkshakes. We got The Cake Shake and it tastes exactly like you want it to: blended up ice cream + birthday cake.


1650 Broadway

Stardust is super cute. Every server is a singer striving to be on Broadway and they sing some of your favorite show tunes in-between bringing your food. We stopped by for breakfast and I couldn't resist the rainbow bagel. It was a fun experience. I'm all for a place that involves breakfast and singing along to Wicked's Popular.


What's on your must-eat-list when traveling to New York?