Timestamp: March 2015

Every once in a while I want to post a little about a particular moment in our lives. Whether it's just the silliness of pop culture or changes with our family, I just want to make sure they're remembered and timestamped for the future.


ONE | Coach has recently become an assistant girl's volleyball coach! He's wanted to do this for quite a while now, so I'm glad that time is finally here. The man loves the sport, y'all. Maybe even more than Clash of Clans (if you only knew how much I see that game on his screens!)

TWO | Our home is going through all kinds of little upgrades lately. We got a hammock for the back porch (well, I claim it as "mine," but I will share if I must), our bedroom has been through a little overhaul and our couches have gone from light gray to bright orange. Lots of changes in just a few months!

THREE | We gave up both Whataburger and Fuzzy's Tacos for Lent. Holy-moley, we're missing them! What were we thinking?! As soon as Easter is here, we're ready for a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and a Tuesday night full of tacos!


ONE | Again, he cannot get enough of volleyball right now. He's in gyms playing or coaching most weeknights and he'll be traveling to play in a tournament this weekend. Our clocks rotate around practices, games and tournaments.


ONE | I'm headed to NYC this weekend and I could not be any more excited! I get a day off on Good Friday, so I decided to take the plunge and go see my best friends for an extended weekend. I have not seen them in person since October! Since we met (in 2008 and 2009) we had probably not been separated more than a month. I'm in need of some best friend hugs and late-night chats!

TWO | I have zoomed through Parenthood on Netflix and now that I'm on the last season, I've slowed it way down. I don't want the series to end! I'm going to miss the big Braverman family too much! I'll need replacement show suggestions when I'm done.

THREE | Now that we're past all yucky Winter weather, I've been able to have some photo shoots lately (which is one of my favorite things to do). I've had 3 high school seniors, an engagement and my sister's graduation shots. I'm editing through a few of those sessions now and I'll be making my sister's grad announcements very soon. Lots of creativity going on!


ONE | Unless you've yelled out "You better work, Idina" while listening to the Wicked soundtrack, like I may have done this weekend, you may not understand my obsession with "Dancing Through Life," "No One Mourns the Wicked" and "Popular." Singing at the top of my lungs is an understatement.

TWO | For my morning commute, I'm usually blaring some gospel praise and worship music. "I Am A Friend of God" gets me pumped for the day. I honestly don't even know how I'm able to drive with all the hand-clapping that goes on!


ONE | "Home" just came out and I'm so excited to see it. Coach and I love cartoons and I think this one is going to fit right in with some of our favorites. Plus, the character choice is SO important! Tip has many characteristics that my future children may have and it's necessary that they are represented and valued in pop culture. I mean, look at this photo!

TWO | I know "Into the Woods" has been been out on DVD for a little while now, but I haven't seen it yet. I could use another set of musical music to add to my playlists!


ONE | I've been pals again with my old friend Tumblr for the past couple of months. That was my original online inspiration space (you know, before Pinterest even existed) and I've been enjoying going through my archives and adding more reblogs to my collection. No space on the internet is more socially-aware, funny, fashionable or human than Tumblr!

See you next year, March!