Timestamp : January 2015

Sometimes I feel like moments of my own life can get a little lost in the DIYs and the recipes. I want to make sure I don't ever lose the "journal" aspect of my blog. Every once in a while I want to post a little about a particular moment in our lives. Whether it's just the silliness of pop culture or changes with our family, I just want to make sure they're remembered and timestamped for the future.


ONE | Both he and I are working for the same school district. I'm in the administration building and he's walking the halls of one of our high schools. I'm a little jealous as his commute is 15 minutes less than my half-hour drive and he gets to clock out about an hour before I do. No fair!

TWO | Our apartment we love so much has been giving us a chilly reception lately...literally. We think our many many many windows and lack of insulation are making it hard for our heat to work. It's been a couple of months of wearing 2 pair of socks, sweats and hoodies at all time, huddling near the space heater and still paying a car-payment-type electricity bill.


ONE | Winter League Ultimate Frisbee just began, so he's busy running around, jumping high and catching frisbees most Saturday morning (in the super cold weather).

TWO | He's also still playing volleyball. Not in a league right now, but tournaments are every once in a while (this weekend, he's in New Orleans).

THREE | Video gaming has crept back into our lives (can you tell I'm excited? No?). He got a Playstation 4 system for Christmas and he's been putting it to good use lately. I don't know what's going on from his man cave tv usually. Lots of shooting and Mario-type sounds.

The day the craft closet was cleaned out. Scary!


ONE | My clean(er) home has been so nice. My sister came and helped me purge my craft closet recently (which was a scary mess). I have a few more places to clean out, but overall, there's a lot less in here than there was in 2014, that's for sure!

TWO | Friends is on Netflix and I've kind of been re-watching all the episodes lately. He doesn't always "get" why I rewatch tv shows, but I laugh out loud every single time (so does he, in passing). This show was golden, y'all!

THREE | Hearing from my best friends lately! They ventured off to New York over three months ago and I'm living vicariously through their snapchats. Job opportunities are starting to align and cool things are happening. Miss them, but still so excited!


ONE | Bruno Mars has nailed it again with "Uptown Funk." Seriously, he has brought the best of the 70's back and it is awesome. If you see me dancing in my car on my morning commute, I apologize and you're welcome. "Smoother than a fresh jar of skippy!"

TWO | Reluctantly, "The Hanging Tree" is one of the songs I'm loving lately. I totally hated that it was turned into a radio song from the movie, but it's turned into such a catchy one. Never did I think that Jennifer Lawrence would be on my radio, but there she is, daily!


ONE | The more I've been reading about "Selma," the less I realized I knew. I can tell you all about the March on Washington and "I Have a Dream," but there's so much history in the Civil Rights Movement that I've yet to study. Hopefully seeing this one tomorrow.

TWO | "Boyhood" has been nominated for all kinds of awards this season. They've been filming it for 12 years so that the actors could age gradually. How cool is that?! I need to see how it all came together.


ONE | Bloglovin has become my favorite way to read blogs. Now that I have different categories of blogs organized on my account, I can see what kind of posts I want, when I want. Super convenient.

TWO | Snapchat is becoming my silliest and most fun app. I love getting to see my cousin decorating her first home on her own, my best friends browsing New York and my sister's cat being insane.

Happy Sunday!