Cheers to 25 Years!

Okay, I must admit that I am a little bummed today. I've officially moved from that really cool age bracket of 18-24 to the 25-30 range! Holy moly! Where has the time gone? The good news is, I'm not going to be charged any extra for renting a car now, so heyyyyy, let's go somewhere!

To celebrate the occasion of 25 years, here's 25 cool things that happened over the last year:

1. My sister got engaged. We took engagement pictures and had a wedding soon after!

2. Husband and I moved out of our first home together and started making our new place our own.

3. I taped up our washer and dryer and it's still one of my favorite easy home DIY projects!

4. Girlfriends and I went to the One Direction concert. I was reliving the days of boy-band loving.

5. I ended my time as a nanny (I miss those girls every single day), but we had a fun reading celebration and zoo day before the summer ended!

6. I shared one of my favorite donut recipes . They're really the best!

7. My mom turned 50 and we had a super fun #ShareaCoke birthday party for her.

8. We had a cute photo shoot with my sister and her "bridesmaids," even though she semi-eloped.

9. Two of my favs, Toms and Target , collaborated and MADE my whole winter!

10. I shared the story of the husband and I meeting . How [not] romantic.

11. I became a total essential oil believer/fanatic and wanted every one to get onboard.

12. We ate all kinds of deliciously fatty foods at The State Fair of Texas.

13. I started a full-time position in the school district I was interning for. And I got my own office!

14. I spent Halloween trick-or-treating with my nanny-girls.

15. I finally met blog-friend Stephanie (and Addison) from A Vintage Modern Wife . Such a tough little girl and a strong momma!

16. We spent our 2nd wedding anniversary as "chill" as it gets!

17. My best friends moved to New York ! I celebrated their birthdays through mail (and they were sent a little taste of Texas too).

18. We enjoyed a date night at the Vitruvian Lights for the first time. I am a sucker for Christmas lights!

19. We celebrated the new year, Dallas style, at the giant city block party.

20. Our apartment has started becoming our own! I wish I had more time to spend on it, but we plan to renew again soon and continue in our 2nd home.

21. Husband and I took a trip to Florida for his volleyball tournament.

22. I was allowed back into my Instagram account! *Cue the Hallelujah chorus* I'm @savannahsmiled again!

23. We have had some interesting weather: iced in, snowed up and storms everywhere.

24. I bought a ticket to New York and spent Easter weekend with my friends in the city.

25. My sister graduated college and will be a teacher in the Fall! Happy Sunday everybody!