26, Not An Adult

Let me just say that as my birthday comes this year, I'm pretty sad to see 25 go. It sounds SO much younger than 26, right? I mean, I'm in the near-30 age bracket on surveys and polls now. It's all too scary y'all. Mostly because I still don't feel like a "real adult." I'm not sure exactly what that should feel like, but here's a few reasons it's just not me:

Weather | On rainy days, when it's sprinkling (or flooding), I see all my coworkers gliding into our office with their cute little umbrellas in hand. A. They actually check the weather. B. They bring the proper accessories, according to the forecast. I'm the one building up the courage to make a run for it, clutching my giant purse/bag like a football. I'm not even sure I own an umbrella. 

5Ks | I have no desire to fun-run with others, for any reason. The photos of these 5Ks, mini-marathons and such are constantly all over my Facebook feed. That's good for y'all, but I just don't get it. My idea of fun is so far removed from anything to do with tennis shoes, sweat and suffering. 

Mornings | I hear friends talking about watching morning tv shows, drinking coffee and lounging around in the mornings before work. WHAAAT? I roll out my bed, most mornings, 30 minutes before I need to leave. Throw on some clothes and then the makeup...

Makeup | I cannot promise a full face of makeup on all five workdays. Mostly because I don't wake up on time. Plus, I lose my mascara pretty much every other day. Usually, if I get most of my face done, I forget lipstick or eyeliner or something...And I'm not a reapply-er? I figure if I look a hot mess by 3 p.m., you can still tell I put a little effort in earlier. I'm the definition of "disheveled."

Heels | I still can't comprehend wearing heels for more than 10 minutes. Like, what? I tried so hard to do so recently at my job's employee banquet. I made it down the elevator from our hotel room, into the banquet hall and took them off. It felt like a top foot bone was broken. Flats it is. However, I just bought my first set of Comfort Plus heels from Payless, which my friends have sworn by. We'll see. 

Pets | Gross. Absolutely not. I do not want any extra living being to take care of right now. Having a husband and wife household is too much sometimes. I can't even imagine. 

Wine | I know a lot of people wind down stressful days with evening wine, but I'd much rather have a Coke Float. I don't want a glass after a long day, at a special event, holiday party. I don't hate it, I just don't enjoy it. I'd always choose some sort of ice cream for "comfort." Yes, please. 

Cleaning | I cannot work full-time and keep my house clean, simultaneously. I'm currently staring at a coffee table full of opened mail and a living room floor full of laundry in baskets. I'm sure I'll get it together some day, but for now, we have a spotless house on Sunday night and that's pretty much it. Jealous of all you neat freaks like my sister. I just can't do it every single day. 

Bedtime | We. Stay. Up. So. Late. I don't know if we're trying to cling to a college mentality, or what, but we both stay up way too late on weeknights. I think I've pretty much always done this, even as a kid. I'm not even being productive, which is the worst part. Just watching The Golden Girls reruns and catching up on Snapchat stories!

Money | I still feel like spending $100 on one item is basically like spending $1,000. It hurts my heart. I know I make more moolah than I did in college, but I still have that same mentality. I bought a piece of furniture for $150 recently and could have passed out. #ForeverCheap #ThanksDad

Food | We are not good at buying groceries, planning food or cooking. I don't know if it's so much we can't, but we really just don't. I figure if you still have cereal as dinner once a week, you haven't made it to adulthood. 

Now, as long as I never become a "real adult," I can't ever feel old, right?