Birthday in a Box

For the past 6 years, my girlfriends and I have spent the entire winter celebrating birthday after birthday, along with Christmas. From December 7 to January 3, there are four of my best friend's birthdays. Basically, one every week. Right now, all four of those friends are spread out across the country (Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale and New York). I still wanted to be a little part of each of their special days this year, so I've created a "Birthday in a Box" for each of them.

I'm sending some celebratory items that would fit in the medium-sized priority box. All color-coordinated, of course. Here's the items I sent: balloons, candles, bead necklace, birthday hat, a 'rita in a can and a handcut name/pompom banner. 

At the last-minute, I decided to add in a little bit of "birthday cake," to the package, which in reality is just an Oreo dip snack pack. Can cake be sent through the mail? Haven't figured that one out quite yet!

I filled up each box with the items, spreading them out where they may be displayed a little bit when it's opened (although, throughout the shipping process, it's probably going to be tossed around quite a bit. 

To prevent anything getting destroyed, I filled up the rest of the free space with coordinating tissue paper. That also helps make it a little more gift-like too!

After I taped it up, I added a few little slogans that I printed from Word to the outside on the box (since I didn't add in a card). "It's your birthday!" "Birthday in a box!" "Dallas to NYC"

Seriously, the post office workers and I are becoming besties at this point and there is a nice shipping box collection in the corner of my home office. I think I need to work for an airline so I can go visit all of them whenever I want!

Surprise, if you haven't gotten yours yet! Miss you guys!