Timestamp: June 2016

Every once in a while I want to post a little about a particular moment in our lives. Whether it's just the silliness of pop culture or changes with our family, I just want to make sure they're remembered and timestamped for the future.


ONE | We just got a new internet modem and it's like we're finally living our best lives. I know it sounds completely silly, but our Netflix couldn't stream well while the desktop computer was on...and my macbook...and my phone. Really we are using way too many devices as once, but now we have a modern that works for all of them, so all is well. 

TWO | I'm just now realizing that we have no summer vacation plans. No reason, other than we just haven't thought about it. I should probably get on that since it's pretty much summer vacation time right now! New York is probably calling my name...

THREE | We recently enjoyed a Rangers game together, with family. It was my very first one, ever. Can I be a true Texan now? As if I wasn't born that way!


ONE | Sports are over, banquets have closed out the seasons and my coach is finally home in the evenings and on weekends! I don't think I was prepared for how much time away he'd have to spend this spring. I missed seeing the guy! 

TWO | We're prepping him for shoulder surgery at the end of this week. For a couple years now, he's had a hard time spiking volleyballs without dislocating the shoulder each and every time. We're looking forward to that being completely fixed and rehabbed in just 6 short months!

THREE | The last day of school countdown has been a daily event in our household. I think the coach/teacher is looking forward to sleeping in, playing video games and watching movies all summer long. His dreams and aspirations are much like his students, I'm sure. 


ONE | Although I don't get summers off, my department is looking forward to a change of pace for the next two months as well. Without students in classrooms, we get an opportunity to plan, train and learn for ourselves. Busy still, but a totally different "busy" than during the school year. 

TWO | Speaking of my job, we're about to move into a new office and I couldn't be more excited. I'm so looking forward to decorating and making my home-away-from-home a little more "me" than in my current space. We have fresh light gray walls, dark gray carpet and mahogany furniture. Let the Pinterest board planning begin...


ONE | So, about that Lemonade, y'all. In college, the beehive totally ruined Beyonce for me. I think my roommates and I stopped listening to anything she did thanks to some over-zealous fans and their worship of her...Anyway, she's finally back on my good side and I've been blaring Lemonade all month long, enjoying every lyric.

TWO | Justin Timberlake has brought us this year's "Happy" in "Can't Stop the Feeling!" Something about these super fun songs created for animated films just give us all the happiest feelings. This one is on loop throughout our office and radio all the time!


ONE | Last weekend, Disney Channel gifted us all with a nostalgic weekend of Disney Channel Original Movies. We're talking - The Evan Stevens Movie, Cheetah Girls, Zenon, Quints, Halloweentown, Brink!, Cadet Kelly, Smart House, etc. I couldn't catch them all, of course, but, Zetus Lapetus, the ones I got to see were awesome! 

TWO | I've started up Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Somehow, I missed the series when I was younger. Like, never saw a single episode. (Living under a rock, much?) I'm glad to see them all in order now. I'm from a "Stars Hallow" hometown, so I can relate to so many situations. 


ONE | The app that sucks up all my unlimited data every day is KiddNation. I love my Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, but I can't hear very much of it on my way to work. I'm stuck in traffic during the afternoon commute, so I prefer to listen to the whole show then. Thanks to the app, I stream it all the way home. 

TWO | So, the Starbucks app is nothing new, but since we've been able to start ordering ahead of time, I'll admit that my usage has gone way up. I'm really into Iced Chai Tea Lattes and Cool Lime Refreshers at the moment. Yum!

Happy June, Friends!