Popped The Question

So many of you have been asking about each and every detail of the big moment, so I thought I'd give you a play-by-play here on my blog. He did just a great job!

Tuesday morning I spent shopping at Northpark with my friend Veronica (and wanting to buy everything in H&M). Anyway, I was supposed to come back to Denton in the evening for Insanity with my boyfriend before seeing the movie, Battleship, around 8:45pm.  

As I was getting my workout clothes on, he calls to let me know that he thinks we should just do Insanity after the movie because we wouldn't have time before. Then I proceed to put on a t-shirt and jeans, casually ready for the movie. Around 8:00, I get another phone call from him! This time he says is, "We're not going to go to a movie anymore. Check your Facebook messages." I log into Facebook and see this attached in a message:

The Google image attached was the park/pond area behind Victory, the residence hall where we met three and a half years ago. At this point, I start to realize what's going on. Well, I was hoping that what I thought was going on was really going on. Make sense? Sure. 

A little panic went through my mind, knowing I had to change clothes really fast. I ditched the t-shirt, tried on a million different things and settled on one of my trusty black cardigans. I looked down at my red-chipped nails and knew I had to fix them too. I slapped on the only polish I knew would cover it up completely, black!

I arrived at the meeting spot just as the sun was going to sleep for the evening. After a little bit of waiting in my car, Montrell came to greet me, dressed in all black, except a white tie and white shoes (my favorite dressy outfit on him).

Holding my hand, he led me across the candlelit bridge and down the sidewalk pathway to where his dining table was placed, surrounded by tiny solar lights, and fancied up with fabric napkins, candles and a tablecloth. 

As I sat at the table, he uncovered the plates to reveal my favorite meal: IHOP's chocolate-chip pancakes, in funny-face form...well, in a sad, misshapen, melted (thanks, Texas) funny-face form. Delicious still. 

As I sat down to dinner, he began playing music on his laptop. This wasn't just any music. One of my current favorite songs, "Good Thing" by Tripp Lee began.

He blessed our food, holding my hands, as "Good Thing" played along in the background. After that, a few more songs shuffled along. We sat eating our pancakes, making awkward dinner talk. When I say "awkward," I'm talking first-date, "How's the weather?" kind of conversations. 

Okay, it probably wasn't as bad as that might of sounded, but "awkward" is definitely the only way to describe it. By now, I clearly knew what this night was all about. He knew that I knew what this night was all about. That combination just makes for some weird conversation!

After a little while, he got up from his seat and changed the song to "Out of My League" by Stephen Speaks. As I heard that beautiful piano intro, (One of my all-time favorite songs and the ringtone I had for most of our relationship, he got down on one knee.

I then asked him if I should stand up? Oh, the things that you say in one of the greatest moments of your life! 

I stood up by my chair, held his hand and listened to the three most beautiful little sentences he's ever spoken (although I can't even recall what it was that he said because I was just way too excited). 

Then he said those words I've been waiting so long to hear, "Savannah Rene Boyd, will you marry me?"

After I said, "yes," (of course) two of his best friends ran out of the trees to congratulate us, holding their handmade "Yes" signs. They helped him set up everything and had been hiding ever since. Poor things! They're so sweet. I love them both :)

The ducks and ducklings were equally excited for us. They were running around congratulating us too :)

It was so well thought out and perfectly planned. He did such a great job incorporating some of my favorite things: his outfit, beautiful love songs and pancakes while also remembering that this very park is where we walked and had one of our first deep, life-conversations as young college students living in Victory Hall back in 2009. 

Don't think I'm forgetting about the ring :) He picked it out all by himself, which makes it even more beautiful. All the diamonds are princess-cut, the only shape he will wear in his own ears. Reminds me of that handsome man every time I look at it. Forgive my terrible lighting, lack of macro lens and shakiness (Hey, I had just gotten engaged, okay!).

I'm so very excited to plan a wedding, but more importantly, plan a life with him. I cannot wait to exchange "I dos" and be his Mrs. It's going to be a fun journey. 

Thank you to all of our family and friends who have overwhelmingly congratulated us through their text-messages, phone calls, tweets, likes and comments. We appreciate each of you. Thanks for being a part of our story.