Timestamp: November 2016

Every once in a while I want to post a little about a particular moment in our lives. Whether it's just the silliness of pop culture or changes with our family, I just want to make sure they're remembered and timestamped for the future.


ONE | Today is our fourth wedding anniversary and the first one we'll spend apart. See, when you marry a coach and your wedding date is during the season in which he coaches, you kind of have to postpone anniversaries (just ask my parents, who's anniversary is the first week of Texas high school football two-a-days). Anyway, he's away coaching this weekend, but I did get a kiss goodbye around 6 a.m. this morning! 

TWO | Our beautiful tree is up and our apartment is a wreck, so I can't take proper pictures! *first-world problem alert* Three weeks ago, we received notice that our complex will be replacing all our windows, with new double-pane ones (hooray for a better electric bill). All we knew was to move all furniture and remove all curtains from the areas near windows...which I did, the night I got the notice. Again, THREE weeks have passed and they have not made it to my building yet. We've called. A lot. The answer is always, "Yes, they'll get to yours tomorrow." So, my Christmas decorations are up, but my home is not in the Christmas spirit. It is a hot mess. 


ONE | He's in full-on fall teacher/coach mode. It means a lot of early alarms and a lot of late-night grading. I help out plenty, but most of the time he goes for it all on his own. Math! *rolls eyes*

TWO | The surgery bills are still rolling in, but the shoulder is almost finally back to 100%. He can put his hand over his head now and do some weird stretching workouts with a roll of wrapping paper. He hasn't ventured back out onto the volleyball court yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. 

THREE | I absolutely loved dress-up days in high school, so I totally live through the coach when it's time for his school's homecoming or red ribbon weeks. We have stocked up a big costume closet just for the occasions. It is so much fun to set up these outfits for him. I'll have to share how I organize that space someday!


ONE | I am in party-planning mode at the moment, prepping for my Dad's 50th. Not too long ago, my mom's milestone birthday had such a cute theme and it was a really fun time. We'll be having my dad's outside on Sunday (the exact day Texas gets its first frost, despite the 80-degrees it's been all week!). Regardless, I'm most excited for the photo booth. It'll be great! 

TWO | Because of the upcoming birthday, I've made it a daily routine to start converting my old home movie tapes to a digital format. It takes a long time, but it'll be totally worth it. Me and my family were basically "vloggers" before vlogging was a word. We filmed it all! I have been laughing to tears almost every single night this week. It. Is. A. Trip!


ONE | Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton. There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait, just you wait. If I ever make it to see this musical live, I will probably belt out all the songs too because it is so much fun to sing. Catch the PBS documentary if you missed it. 

TWO | You know I've already been jamming out to some Christmas tunes! For me, it really doesn't get much better than Justin Bieber's Under the Mistletoe and Pentatonix's That's Christmas to Me albums. I mean, the White Winter Hymnal cover is THE best. 


ONE | I finally finished up Gilmore Girls just in time to get some coffee at Luke's, thanks to Netflix pop-ups across the country. I'm anxiously awaiting the four-part mini series that'll let us back into Stars Hallow and see what the girls are up to! Comes out Black Friday, so you know what I'll be doing!

TWO | I've been all about the Hallmark Channel's silly, heartwarming Christmas movies lately. The similar plot themes and overuse of the same actors cracks me up, but I get sucked in every single time. So does my husband, but he would never tell you that!


ONE | I've been using Buffer's website to schedule social media posts for my blog for years, but I've been getting a lot of use out of it lately from my phone. I can schedule Instagram post reminders for work and it makes me a lot more consistent (and even gives me a little better insight into my analytics). 

Happy Weekend!

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