Happy 26th Birthday!

My dear old husband turns 26 today, folks. He's officially hit a whole new age bracket: late-twenties! Who are we and where did all that time go? We really shouldn't be this grown yet!

The funniest thing about you turning 26, is how old we used to think that was. Remember when we thought we wanted to have kids around 25? Ewww! What were we thinking? 

I hope we both have super quick days of work so we can go eat some great dinner tonight (still waiting on you to pick it out, so get on that). And we're going to see Christmas lights, right? Oh wait...this isn't my birthday. We can go wherever you want to go, I guess!

Thanks for filling my life with laughter (and singing, and dancing, and good times) for the past six years. Sometimes I forget how thankful I should be that I picked such a winner! Then, you do something awesome and I'm reminded. 

I love you! :]