Happiest 23rd!

This day begs for a series of terrible pictures of Savannah, so here's Coach's 20th (2008), 21st (2009) and 22nd (2010) birthdays. Plus, live and in color is this birthday (an actual good one). 

I spent a very happy birthday with the love of my life. The old guy turned 23 today. He had to spend some of his day taking a final and sitting in a class, but that'll be the last time he has to do that! Next week he'll be walking across the stage getting his Bachelor's degree. I can't wait to be there and cheer him on. I'm so proud of the man I've seen grow over the past few years. He's much more than I could have ever asked for. I'm thankful it's him that I get to text, talk to, see and hug every single day. 

He's had to help me out a lot this semester, getting me dinners and giving me rides home from campus, so I wanted to make sure to make his birthday extra special. 

We started out the day at IHOP for a breakfast/lunch before his final. 

Later that night, his best friend Justin treated us all to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Southlake.

I think he had a great day, despite all the classes. Happy 23rd birthday love :]