Happy 25th Birthday!

As we've learned to live with one another and re-learned how to communicate with one another over the past year, I can truly say that I'm loving you even more as a "husband" than I ever did as a "boyfriend." 

Thanks for calling me "Sabannah" whenever I need a laugh. Thanks for dancing any chance you get. Thanks for singing your heart out in the shower every night. Thanks for appreciating our dinners on the living room floor, even when our ironing board is our table. Thanks for holding me together during so many teary moments over this past year. Thanks for trying to remember to text me when you're on your way home. You're getting better at it! Thanks for Netflix-binging with me on weekends...and sometimes on school-nights. Thanks for debating with me about current events. Thanks for being passionate about running and volleyballing and basketballing and ultimate frisbeeing. Thanks for "building" our future cars, every night, even if it is just on the computer. Thanks for loving Christmas music as much as I do. Thanks for always letting me "get a picture of us," even though it "ruins the moment." Thanks for trekking out into the ice storm for milk with me yesterday, even when you didn't want to.

Thanks for being mine since 2009. Thanks for saying, "we do," last year. Thanks for loving me each and every day.