Happiest 27th!

Hey husband. Your birthday reminds me that I've been your friend now for a little over 7 years. 7 years of laughter. 7 years of excitement. 7 years of Adele music. 7 years of new experiences. 7 years of healthy debates. 7 years of firsts. 7 years I wouldn't trade for the world. 

I hope you have the happiest of 27th birthdays, as we begin to truly embrace our late-twenties. 

Thank you for - 

- letting me know when there's about to be a video game marathon in your man cave. It's nice to have the heads-up! 

- taking your showers in the guest bathroom when I'm already asleep...even though it probably wouldn't wake me up anyway. 

- driving all the way home from work when my car's gas door gets stuck on rainy cold days. 

- changing my flat tires. As a matter of fact, all the flat tires since 2008. 

- sharing your TGIFridays Potato Skin Chips and Lay's Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar chips with me. 

- folding your clothes, doing the dishes, taking out the trash and picking up around the house (you know, when I "remind" you to help out). 

- driving when we go places. Although, I think you do this for you own safety/sanity. 

- singing your heart out to Christmas music, as soon as Halloween arrives. 

- being such a good influence on your athletes and students (even if that includes telling corny jokes sometimes). 

- continuing to be so great in all that you do, including being my husband. I promise not to take that for granted. 

Happy Birthday!