Patterns Under the Tree

When it comes to wrapping Christmas gifts, I normally try to match my gifts to the living room and the Christmas tree ornaments. They all have to coordinate with one another. This year, I decided to try something a little new and just use any and all wrapping paper I had in stock...and I always have a stock. I shop the sales a couple of weeks after Christmas each year and collect all kinds of good paper!

At first I was a little crazy having brown coffee patterns beside a colorful peppermint beside a blue scene from Charlie Brown (my color-coordinating-tendencies were itching). The more presents I wrapped, though, the more varied and pretty it looked. I'm even okay with all the red (even though there's not a single red thing in our home!)

Right now, there's no real rhyme or reason to what present gets wrapped in what. Next year, I think I may get super organized and have a pattern for one side of the family, another for the other and one more for friends' gifts. That will also help when we're in a hurry to a holiday shin dig!

Is your gift wrap coordinated or random this year?