Tis The Season for Netflix

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I know channels are giving us all kinds of wonderful cheeseball Christmas movies this month, but sometimes they can be the same year-after-year. I've browsed around Netflix to let you a know a few Christmas movies offered that you may not have seen yet. I can't guarantee you'll like them (as I haven't seen most of them), but you'll have to try and see for yourself!

1. CHRISTMAS TOWN | 2008. G. In a town totally consumed with the Christmas spirit, a single mom, her son and her father discover the magic and healing of the true holiday spirit.

Consumed? That may have driven me nuts to live there! Watch now.

2. RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR | 2007. TV-PG. Get a kick out of the holiday season this year courtesy of Radio City Music Hall's song- and dance-filled Christmas extravaganza.

Got to appreciate girls who can kick like that. My mom (the high school drill-teamer) tells me it's super tough! Watch now.

3. ONE MAGIC CHRISTMAS | 1985. G. A young mother disillusioned with Christmas finds her holiday spirit rekindled through a miraculous yuletide experience.

Well, this is from the 80's, so it has to be fun to see! Watch now.

4. I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS | 1998. PG. Stranded in the desert with no car or cash, a spoiled student on his way home for Christmas learns a thing or two about the true spirit of the season.

Three words: Jonathan. Taylor. Thomas. Watch now.

5. GIFT OF THE MAGI | 2010. NR. This modernized adaptation of O. Henry's classic tale follows newlyweds Della and Jim as they search for the perfect Christmas gifts.

I remember reading this short story in high school. Love and sacrifice. Awww. Watch now.

6. CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS | 2004. PG. When Luther Krank and his wife opt to skip Christmas -- no tree and no rooftop Frosty -- can they handle the fallout from their family and neighbors?

I don't know how I feel about Tim Allen being in any other Christmas movies, but I'll give it a shot. Watch now.

7. CHRISTMAS ANGEL | 2012. TV-PG. While writing an assignment for school about Christmas wishes, Olivia Mead begins to notice her wishes are coming true.

I think we all have wished all our wishes would come true! Watch now.

8. CALL ME CLAUS | 2001. TV-PG. After learning the Santa Claus she hired is the real deal, a testy TV producer finds herself chosen to replace him as he faces mandatory retirement.

I know I've seen this one because of Whoopi, but I definitely need a refresher on how it goes down! Watch now.

9. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS | 1991. G. The only thing that siblings Hallie and Ethan are hoping they get for Christmas is the reconciliation of their divorced parents.

 Sounds a little like a cross between Parent Trap and Home Alone! Watch now.

Feeling a Saturday Christmas binge coming on?