5 Christmas Confessions

Anyone have any Christmas confessions to make? I'm sure with the holidays looming, there's some things you need to get off your chest. Feel free to let it all out in the comments! Here's 5 of my holiday secrets:

ONE | McCafe has all my favorite holiday coffee drinks. I prefer heading to the golden arches over anywhere else...including the little green lady that most people flock to for a warm drink. McCafe is just seriously so much better. The new White Chocolate Mocha is cheer in a cup!

TWO | I'd much rather give someone a stocking-full of gifts than buy them anything else. I can buy small stocking stuffers for virtually anyone! I love it and I think I'm pretty good at it. However, expect me to give a "real" gift and I'm completely blank. 

THREE | Wassell and Eggnog make me scrunch up my nose in disgust. They both get a little better as I keep drinking, but it is just not very good to me. Hand me a hot chocolate with a candy cane inside, please!

FOUR | I've never seen A Christmas Story. Yeah, I'm talking about the movie everyone else in the world watches for 24 hours straight each year. I should probably do that this year, huh?

FIVE | At one of my family Christmases, we usually eat Mex-Tex food and I love it. I'll take queso and tortillas over turkey any day. I'd actually be more disappointed if we had the traditional meal. This is Texas, y'all!

Go ahead, let it out!