Cheers to My 24 Years!

Today I turn 24. No milestone. Can't buy anything new and great. Still don't qualify for cheaper rental cars. Womp womp. However, here are 24 things that are awesome, wonderful and terribly random about the current state of my young life:

1. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for Forth Worth/Colleyville peeps. Go enter and try to win yourself some free movie tickets. Or, tell your DFW friends and family. Or, just the whole world.

2. My birthday chocolate chip cookie cake (which is really the only kind of cake that matters) has "#Savis24" written on it in icing. Birthday hashtag, y'all.

3. We get to move into 1,000+ square feet of apartment space this summer. It's not a house, but we're on our way. I'm already prepping to decorate this 2nd home of ours!

4. I read this article by Nicole Jordan this week and it brought tears to my eyes, as I'm further assured local adoption is in the cards for us, someday. (crazy thought: one of our future kiddos may already be born!)

5. My cousin graduates high school today! Makes me feel a little old, but I'm so proud of her.

6. All my credit cards are sitting on a balance of $0.00. ZERO. First time since all the wedding shenanigans.

7. We're not going to subscribe to a cable provider for several months after we move into our new home. Challenge accepted.

8. Cookie dough Blizzards still exist in this world and that is fabulous. May have had one yesterday.

9. I've finally figured out how to use Snapchat like a pro. Nothing makes me feel older than when I can't master a new social media application!

10. I'm having so much fun with my new camera. Loving the world of full-frame!

11. I now know "#usie" is a thing, thanks to my sister. Like, selfie + us (more than one person). Oh lord!

12. Montrell is going to get a pedicure with me soon. Of course, it's because someone else suggested it (even though I have been for-ever), but I'm excited he's now considering it.

13. I'm getting used to my new instagram. Still not completely happy about having to get a new one. But, I am happy to have one to post to, again.

14. I've been wedding obsessed lately. I may have already had one of my own, but there are so many gorgeous things to look at. My pinterest board is full of pretty!

15. New photo website. Needs a refresher on pictures, but it's up!

16. My day started off with a breakfast sandwich and a sprinkled donut.

17. I will be listening to the JT + MJ collab for the foreseeable future!

18. My hair is a new shade of red (Olia Light Natural Auburn) and I'm loving it!

19. The weather has been almost pleasant lately. Savoring every not-boiling Texas day we get until July hits.

20. I've recently cleaned out my closet. Plenty of room for new outfits! Shopping soon.

21. I've got some things to blog about soon. Hopefully I make the time to do it. (Been terrible lately!)

22. Sno cone season is my favorite. I want one pretty much every day.

23. I'm headed out to get my free birthday drink at Starbucks soon! Yum. (Oh snap. Venti, it is!)

24. The Facebook wall posts, tweets, instagrams and birthday texts keep on rolling in. Thanks for all your kind words. I appreciate every one of them. Hope I get to "like" them all!

Happy Weekend,