Graduation Gift Wreath

This year I had to share my birthday. However, if it had to be with anyone, I'm happy to give the day over to my cousin. Maybe it's because she and I are the only grandkids that don't have first names that start with "B" or because she keeps me on my toes with all the social media the young whippersnappers are using, but I've grown to have such a great friendship with her over the years. I truly wouldn't want to share my day with anyone else!

She wasn't always my cousin, even though I've known this now-taller-than-me-but-used-to-be-little girl since she was just born. It wasn't until my uncle fell in love with her beautiful momma (and her) a few years later that she became a member of my family. Forever grateful that I get to call her "cousin." We were meant to be!

If you need a gift to give a grad, I think we've found a winner. When I graduated high school (back in 2008), my cousins from my other side of the family got me a wreath of gift cards. Well, she has never forgotten that, even though she was 12 at the time)! I knew I had to get her one for her big day, but I wanted to change it up a bit...with cash money, of course!

Using an after-Christmas-clearance wreath, glittery mini clothes pins from Target's scrapbook section, $10 bills, various gift cards and a bow, it all came together! Create a pattern, clip them on and add a "from" gift tag. A super simple way to fill a grad with happiness. 

So glad we got to spend this special day with her.
We love her and are so proud of what she'll accomplishment in the future.