DIY Pencil Box

One of my good friends is a teacher and I knew he really wanted an electric pencil sharpener for his classroom. I wanted to get him that for Christmas, but also add a little something to go along with it. I saw this cute pencil box at The Dollar Tree and knew I could do a little paint/glue/sticker-job on it and make it perfect for his classroom. 

I found all the supplies for this project in my craft box: scrapbook paper and stickers, acrylic black paint and Modge Podge. (This is the upside to hoarding: having supplies on hand at all times)

I painted the box on the inside with black acrylic paint first. 

Then I used Modge Podge to glue the scrapbook paper over the box and kept folding and gluing until it was completely covered. 

I placed the stickers where I wanted them and put a thick layer of Modge Podge on top to seal it all in. 

After about an hour of work, this $1 pencil box looks good enough to sit on his desk. I gave it plenty of pencils to finish it off and "wrapped" it in a pretty holiday bag.