Fix Those Scuffy Shoes

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Here's a few facts about me: 1. I do not wear heels. 2. I will never wear heels. 3. ESPECIALLY to work. Most ladies complain about heels about 30 minutes after putting them on. Me? 10 seconds is more than enough pain to endure for one day. I am done. 

With all that said, I love when I find a pair of comfy dress flats. My gold-toed Mossimo clearance flats from Target are my favorites (they're no longer for sale, but a similar shoe can be found here). Unfortunately, they're so comfy that I wear them A LOT and over the past year, the scuffing has become very apparent. Here's how I fixed them:

All I needed was some packing tape (any tape will do) and Krylon's Short Cuts Gold Leaf* spray paint. I had planned to buy a liquid gold leafing, but when the store was out of that, I chose this instead (good decision). 


I taped along the edges of the gold toe. It took quite a few pieces to completely cover the rounded edge. 


Outside, I gave them a good cover with the spray paint. I chose to do three coats with dry-time in-between. The one would have been alright, but I wanted to ensure they were well covered.


Let them dry. Three hours will probably be enough, but overnight would be the very best. 

Now my shoes are back to their original state (maybe even with a prettier gold color than before)! I've already worn them back to work a few times. These are one of those pairs I will probably be wearing until the sole falls apart. 

I'm just glad that when they do finally fall apart, they'll be fabulously scuff-free!