An Autumn Terrarium

I am currently terrarium-obsessed on Pinterest, but I haven't ventured out to making my own yet. Mostly because I pretty much believe that I will even kill a succulent (Also, "succulent" is my least favorite word. No idea why, just don't like it). I do not have the greenest of thumbs. 

Anyway, I wanted to create a Autumn-inspired terrarium-of-sorts to decorate my home with lately and I made a bit of a silly/faux/pumpkin one. 



Layer rocks, candy pumpkins, rocks and candy corn in a pretty vase (mine is from Goodwill).


Find one of the smallest little pumpkins that your grocery store offers and add it on top of the layers.


Add a few pieces of fake greenery to the top. I plucked pieces from one of my many FEJKA plants from IKEA. 

It's a little fun and a little silly, but I love the way the pumpkin looks like it's "growing" from its own little patch. 

Happy Fall, Y'all!