Happy Halloween Night

After work yesterday, I grabbed a few bags of candy from the grocery store and set out a little display for any trick-or-treaters that may come by our new apartment. I've never lived on the first floor before, so I thought we may get some kiddos coming by and I wouldn't be home to give them candy! 

Going on the honor-system, I put out the candy bucket, a few decorations and a "Don't be a Goblin, just take one or two" sign. A lot of the candy was gone when I got home, but no one dumped the entire bucket, so I'd say it's a success!

As trick-or-treating began, I headed over to my nanny-girls' house to do some picture-taking and trick-or-treating with them. I'm so thankful I can still go play with the girls, even though I'm not their nanny anymore! [K] had some friends over, so I got to hang out with a neon cat, Ana from Frozen, zombie cheerleader and a peacock all night!

Since [K] had her friends, I walked around with little [P], or Ana most of the time (and accidentally called her "Elsa," more than once. Oops!) I love that a lot of kids are still using the "old school" orange Halloween buckets. They look so cute!

Even the pets got into the Halloween spirit last night. Millie was a caterpillar and we also had a minion trick-or-treating with us!

[P] was such a grown girl, walking up to houses all by herself.

Last year

, I don't even think we could get her to say "Trick-or-Treat!" She did have to have us hold her hands a few times at the "spooky" decorated houses. 

Of course, the girls got lots and lots of candy and they had to throw it all on the table to see what they got. A bit too many pieces were probably consumed, but that's what Halloween night is all about, right?

Hope your Halloween night was as fun as mine.

Who's still dressing up tonight? I'm on a costume-search now!