Goodbye, Ghosties

As I put up my fall decor last weekend and brought down the Christmas tree, I realized I had never shared the pictures of our home dressed up for autumn. I didn't do a whole lot this year and it's the same ol' stuff from years past, but I sure didn't want to let November go by and not post them at all!

My two cute little ghosts are about as "Halloween" as it gets around here. I'm not one for the scary, murder-y, ghory parts of this time of year. But, these little ghosts are more cute than scary and they've been with me in three apartments now. I believe I bought them after Halloween in 2010! 

Have I mentioned I love having a mantle/fireplace to dress up? It was the total selling-point for me with this apartment! There will never be a spark in that fireplace, but I love everything I'm able to do with it!

I can't believe it's actually time to put away the fall and bring in the Christmas. High five to you if you're actually waiting until Thanksgiving is over! Poor Thanksgiving...I just couldn't wait around this year and have less than a month with my beloved Christmas. Jingle bells are already ringing in our home. 

See you next year Fall!