I've never handed out candy on Halloween night and was so super pumped to get to do that in our house this year. I bought an orange porch light, set up speakers with fun Halloween music and bought enough candy and glow bracelets for a small army. I was ready to roll. 


Basically, this was the kind of thought that crossed my mind as I prepared for our first Halloween night at home: "There will be at least one million children knocking on our door looking for candy and I must not disappoint any of them!" 

Fake News.


I think I put my hopes a smidge too high, and we may have only had about 20 kiddos stop by. However, they were the 20 cutest kids on the earth and my Halloween sparkle was not dulled. 

I already have an improvement plan in the place for next year: mainly involves a lot of lights to make my porch a little more inviting. Maybe a batman signal light beam to draw everyone in the area to our house? We'll figure it out! 


Some of my favorite little moments I want to remember:

  • Sweet little super hero boy: "So, can I get one, or can I get three?"
  • A little girl was a bit terrified of me in my Minnie Mouse costume. She was fine with Coach, but when I spoke up and said something she was visibly shaken.
  • "Here's his costume, I have it out here," a mom says as she holds up a costume that her little one obviously wanted no part of wearing. He was at our porch trick-or-treating in regular clothes. 
  • As I passed out glow sticks, an older brother made sure to get his little sister a pink one, first, before getting his own candy and bracelet. 

Just inside in the kitchen, we were cooking up "Spooky Spaghetti" for dinner. Probably not going to be a big tradition of ours because the black noodles got to us both a little more than I thought they would. We enjoyed our meal, but I can't say that the leftovers didn't get chunked the next day. Mis-colored foods can make you feel weird things, y'all. 


Happy November!