Happy Falloween

As usual, I've had my house decorated up for Fall/Halloween for the past few weeks. Here's what I've now determined is acceptable for my household holiday decorating: Sept. 1 out go the pumpkins and ghosts. Nov. 1 here comes Santa Claus. That's my crazy schedule and I'm sticking to it.

As usual, I don't go all out ALL over the house for this time of year. I mainly focus on the center of my home - the living room fire place (although, I make no promises once I finally get a house). There's an even mixture of everything great about this time of year: fall, halloween and a little thankfulness. 

Falloween MANTLE: Autumn Essentials print by Jones Design | Tiny Pumpkins, 2012 Target Clearance | Picture of Us at the Dallas Arboretum | Paper Ghosts, 2011 WalMart Clearance | Gold Pumpkin Cookie Jar, 2015 Target Clearance | Picture of Us (with our Old Spice and Loofah costumes) | Thankful Banner, Current/2016 Target Dollar Spot

One of my favorite things I've done this time around is adding season-specific photos into my regular frames, along with some additional themed frames. Why let those pictures and memories only float around on the facebooks and interwebs (spider pun intended), when they can be displayed for a couple months a year?

Falloween HEARTH: Jack-O-Lantern Lantern, 2012 Target Clearance | Paper Ghosts, 2011 WalMart Clearance | Tiny Pumpkins, 2012 Target Clearance | Medium Pumpkins, 2015 Target Clearance | Photo Frames, 2012 Target Clearance | Picture of Us (and our Pebbles and Peter Parker costumes) | Picture of Us from Thanksgiving | Paper Accordion Decorations, 2015 Target Clearance | Faux Wood (DIY Project

There's just a few other things around our place for now. Of course, the cute little pumpkin pillow (that's been around since 2012) has made it's way to the area.

Our quaint little dining table (also our proposal table) has a few more Falloween pieces as well. The pumpkin salt and pepper shakers, glitter pumpkin and fancy pumpkin carving tools (in the black boxes) are all from past Target clearances. The striped things all come from IKEA, of course!

Now that October is just around the corner (let the holiday gift-buying panic begin), I hope you've managed to get a few pumpkins up in your home too!

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