DIY | Gold Starbursts

Lately, I've been away from our home a lot more than I've been in it. I think the last time I was in our apartment for a complete weekend was sometime in June. Lots of traveling, lots of tournaments, lots and lots and lots of laundry! Hotels are comfy and staying at my parent's house is nostalgic, but I still like the familiarity of my own home! I love that feeling when I'm finally back in my own environment.

Since our place is starting to feel like a place of our own, I love coming home to it even more. With the recent brightening up of the living room, the space above our couch really needed some new decor. I blew up a black and white print of a pineapple (current favorite fruit and it makes me feel a little tropical). Then, I added some white and gold bursts to either side. 

I followed this awesome tutorial from Design Sponge to make the SUPER cheap wall art. Anytime I can get a mid-century look for a nearly-free price, I'm all about it. Seriously, y'all, we're talking styrofoam and kabob sticks here!

When I get home from traveling, they are the first things I see when I walk through the door. Not a bad sight, if I do say so myself!