DIY | Magnetic Makeup

When we moved into this apartment, I was really excited about the long horizontal drawers in the bathroom. I thought it'd be perfect for hiding my makeup. Well, I've found a couple drawbacks while using it over the past year. 1. The drawer is like 2 inches high. Not a lot of room for chunky products. 2. I'm a mess! Ha. We all really knew that, but when I get a drawer, I prove it oh so fast. I've come up wish a solution for my slim space and I'm loving it so far:


As embarrassing as it is, here is the terror of a drawer I was working with each morning. I found those little white organizers in the Target Dollar Spot and they actually fit the drawer. What was meant to help me organize, just looked awful since I tend to throw things around and not put them back where they belong. Basically, it looked like a storm ran through Chaosville every day. 

I've always seen those cute magnetic makeup boards on Pinterest that people hang on their walls, but I don't really have a place for that near my bathroom mirror. All I have is that skinny drawer! After getting tired of the disorder lately, and downsizing my makeup, I knew I wanted to do something similar. I saw this great neon magnetic board at Five Below and went to find these small sticky magnets from Walmart. The simplest of DIY projects, I'm telling you.

Every piece of makeup got a magnet. On items with "tops," the magnet was placed there (mascara, lip gloss, foundation, etc). That's so I can buy new makeup and put on the old top, so I don't have to re-magnetize with every replacement. Sometimes the sticky part of the magnetic stuck really well, but I found that by using my hot glue gun, it worked much better. 

Once each item was magnetized, I added the orange board into my drawer and set in the makeup items by order of use: primer, foundation, powder, blush, eyes, lips, etc. Since they're not sliding around with every close of the drawer, it's so nice to keep them in that order. Makes morning wake up calls much simpler! 

With the board, I still had room for one of the Dollar Spot organizers. Since I purged a lot of useless or old items, I was able to fill it with a few necessities like deodorant and ponytail holders. So much better, right? 

To show you the big difference this little project made, here's a little before-and-after action. It's always a sigh of relief to get rid of things not being used (or just plain old trash). Drawers are so hard to keep organized and tidy anyway, but with only the necessities, I trust my new little system will help!

Just FIY: this magnetic board is not very strong, as it is only meant for small magnets and holding paper (like, in a school locker). With this one, you probably wouldn't be able to hang your makeup onto the wall. It's perfect for drawers, but if you're looking to hold up heavy pieces of makeup, you'll probably need something more powerful. 

How do you all organize your daily makeup routine?