Where Are The Batteries?

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While we're all busy getting our literal green on today for Saint Patrick's Day (Seriously, people will pinch you if you don't wear it), I've been trying to live a cleaner, greener life for the last couple years. Instead of thinking about "being green" as merely a one-time 3rd grade science project, I've begun to incorporate greener, recycled products into our everyday life. Luckily, companies like Energizer are Bringing Innovation and making being green even easier to do!


Our nearby Walmart has the Energizer New EcoAdvanced Recycled Batteries available right near the checkout lines at the front of the store (perfect for when that's all you need to grab...and if you can make it in and out of Walmart with only one item, the highest of fives to you). Not only are these the first batteries on the market to be made with recycled materials (green), but they are also Energizer's longest lasting alkaline ever (dependable). Double-win!

In our household, there seems to always be the question, "Where are the batteries?" You don't think about where they are until you're desperate to find them, right? Most of the time, you can see a few in our junk drawer in the kitchen, desk area in the office or in a little box in the guest room. Never any rhyme or reason to where they'll be! I wanted to create a space that will always answer the "Where are the batteries?" question, while using recycled supplies that may otherwise end up in a landfill.

Once you've purchased your new Energizer EcoAdvanced Recycled Batteries, you'll need just a few other items to get your storage system started:

ONE: Paper scraps (I used leftovers from Christmas wrapping), TWO: Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls (3 was enough for me), THREE: a recycled cardboard box (I found that a granola bar box cut in half was perfect for fitting TP rolls), FOUR: A marker (if you want to write any labels on yours. I decided to skip it).

This project was super quick to make! Here's all you need to do:

ONE: Cover the cardboard box with decorative paper (using glue sticks and tape).

TWO: Cover the toilet paper rolls in another decorative paper (using glue sticks). No need to seal the bottom or top.

THREE: Set your decorated rolls inside the box.

FOUR: Add your batteries. The two taller rolls have my AA batteries and the shorter, middle one houses the AAA.

FIVE: Check out your handywork. Good job, girl!

Our little storage system fits in perfectly on our guest room side table. That's the room with the most remotes and portable gadgets, so it's a convenient place for them to be. Now, we will always know where the batteries are (and our guests will too). 

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