Breakfast-for-Dinner Pizza

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If you've been around here for any amount of time, you know we are total breakfast-for-dinner people. We're actually breakfast-for-breakfast and breakfast-for-lunch people too, but hectic weeknights call for a great dinner option that is both better than leftovers and still quick enough to make in less than half an hour.

Not to mention, this easy meal is the perfect match for Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange.

Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange

For our Breakfast-for-Dinner Pizza, we usually have most of the ingredients on hand. It's such a great go-to meal for us. Here's what you need:

Pizza Dough
Scrambled Eggs
Breakfast Sausage
Bell Peppers
Crumbled Bacon
Shredded Cheese

Putting this quick meal together is how all my favorite cooking goes down - throw it all together in a dish and BOOM, you're done. But, really.

Easy Breakfast Pizza Recipe

First of all, grab a new sleek can of Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange to sip while you're pretending to be a world-class chef.

Next, cook the pizza dough as instructed on the label. For mine, I had to pre-cook for about 8 minutes in the oven before adding toppings. Then, I added the scrambled eggs, meats, veggies and cheeses into layers on top of the cooked dough. Back into the oven it went for several more minutes before filling the house with a beautiful breakfast-y aroma.

Breakfast Pizza Recipe

We love a little salsa with pretty much all breakfast items, so we used a side of that for dipping our pizza. To go along with our meal, I peeled and prepped orange slices. Any fruit or mix of fruits is always great next to a plate of such a hearty dish. Also a perfect match for this breakfast-for-dinner? Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange. It's the Diet Coke taste I've always loved, with just enough zest to bring out a flavor you didn't know you needed before.

Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange

Pro tip: Don't be stingy with the pizza ingredients, y'all. The more cheese you use, the better each pizza piece stays together once it's cut into slices.

"Shredded cheese?" More like, the glue that holds my life together. 

Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange

I've yet to have a breakfast that Coach didn't like, but to say this one was devoured by him is an understatement. He did manage to save some for his lunch the next day, but I think overall, I got A SLICE. *prepares to make another secret pizza for myself*

Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange and Pizza

I picked up all the ingredients for our dinner at our local Kroger store. When browsing the aisles and gathering your favorite breakfast toppings, you'll be sure to find the bright Diet Coke flavor bin. Along with the original Diet Coke you know and love (in its new sleek can), you can find all the new colorful cans and flavors. Before you shop, find your Diet Coke perfect match....then you'll probably just want to try them all anyway!

New Diet Coke Flavors

Since these tall cans are available to purchase individually, you can buy all the Diet Coke flavors and really find your perfect match: original Diet Coke, Feisty Cherry, Fresh Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango and (of course) Zesty Blood Orange. 

Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange

I think we've found our match! What's yours? #ItsAMatch