Lunchtime Taco Soup

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If you enjoy cooking, in the very least, I envy you. My ideal cooking situation would be to wave a magic wand and have delicious piping hot food appear on my doorstep every day. Since we're not there yet, it's up to me to make sure I meal prep on weekends so that I have something to bring in my lunch box to the office each day.

One of my new favorites to bring for lunch lately (especially when it's cold outside), is taco soup. Just like the last recipe I shared, this meal has a perfect match as well: Diet Coke® Ginger Lime.

Ginger Lime Diet Coke

Now, I'm no chef, so save your judgements at the door. I've come up with this after reading a few other recipes, but then deciding what I actually like and do not like in my taco soup (no tomatoes for me, y'all). We're all grownups here, so feel free to tweak these ingredients, spice it up and make it your own. Here's what I use:

Slow Cooker
Frozen Chicken Breasts
Chicken Stock
Taco Seasoning
Whole Kernal Corn
Black Beans
Fresh Lime Juice

As all my favorite recipes tend to go, throw the first 7 ingredients into the slow cooker, give it a quick mix and leave it alone. I put my slow cooker on "high" for about 5-6 hours until the chicken is cooked and easily shredded.

Simple Taco Soup Recipe

I usually put the ingredients together on Sunday afternoons and let it cook throughout the evening. Before I go to bed, I split the soup into about 4-5 glass storage containers and put them in the fridge, ready for the work week ahead. 

When making up my lunch for the day, I pack the glass container of soup, a Diet Coke Ginger Lime in the new sleek cans, a small bowl of fresh chopped cilantro and a small bowl of avocado slices and limes.

Taco Soup Recipe

* All that greenery is the perfect extra topping to add, once you've reheated your soup at work. I'm a big fan of "the more the merrier" with limes, cilantro and avocados, so I tend to REALLY top. it. on. 

Taco Soup for Lunch

Coach is not a soup person, so this is one of those meals that I get all to myself! Although, beware: Once you eat one of these bowls in front of folks at your job, you may find your lunchbox swiped from the communal fridge! It's that good. 

Ginger Lime Diet Coke

You can find all the ingredients for this meal prep at your local Kroger store. Check near the soda aisle to find the bright Diet Coke flavor bin. Along with the O-G Diet Coke you already love (in its new sleek can), you can see all the new colorful cans and flavors. Before you shop, find your Diet Coke perfect match....then you'll just want to try them all anyway!

New Diet Coke

These new tall cans are available to purchase individually, so you can buy all the Diet Coke flavors and really find your perfect match: original Diet Coke, Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange and Ginger Lime. 

Ginger Lime Diet Coke

Make yourself some Taco Soup soon (let me know how it goes) and find your Diet Coke perfect match. #ItsAMatch