Thanks, Mom

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Growing up I always knew I had a good mom, but it's taken me a few years into adulthood to realize that she's not only good, she is the very best! Browsing through the American Greetings Mother's Day cards recently, I found the perfect card for her! Plus, its message inspired a DIY personalized gift full of fond memories.

When you have the very best of someone, it's hard to be grateful of all the little things they do for you along the way. The little things from my mom are what I want to cherish and remember most, so I can recreate them for my own kids some day. Here's how I can remember those moments and let my mom know how much they impacted me:

Here's what you need to make this jar full of Mommy-memories:

ONE: Empty jar | TWO: Bright paper | THREE: Marker or pen | FOUR: Candy | FIVE:  String.

Here's all you need to do:

ONE: Create a "Mom, Thank You For..." tag and string. | TWO: Cut bright paper into strips. | THREE: Write fun memories of what you're thankful for starting with "..." | FOUR: Wrap memory strips around a writing utensil to create paper rolls. | FIVE: Add rolls of memories and candy into a jar.

Once I started writing on the strips of paper, so many fun more moments came to mind! Whether they are major, minor or completely silly, I had a great time creating this gift as I reminisced (despite my terribly childish handwriting!)

I'll save a few memories for my mom to read on Mother's Day (*spoiler alert, Mom*), but here are some of my very favorite things that are included in her jar: 

Thank you for...

...Dropping everything and coming to visit, even when that meant driving 2 or more hours.

...Letting us shake up homemade donuts in bags of delicious powdered sugar.

...Sneaking into our rooms during late-night thunderstorms and quietly tacking up blankets over our windows to block out the bright lightning strikes.

...Allowing my room to always be a bit messier than you preferred. I was a DIY-er in the making!

...Waking up to take us to tournaments, trips, practices, rehearsals, performances, etc. when we didn't have our license yet. Sometimes those were really early mornings!

...Treating us to convenient-store icees in the summer and warm cappuccinos in the winter.

...Hosting numerous basketball sleepovers...feeding 10 teenage girls at once is no easy feat!

...Slipping us an extra $20 for our gas tank. Or, just stealing our car and filling it up for us.

...Loving us unconditionally, every single day since May 31, 1990 and April 14, 1993.

Before you make your memory jar for your moms, stop by your nearest WalMart  and visit the one-stop shop for Mother's Day. This aisle is where I found the perfect American Greetings card, candy for the jar, a cute frame, a fun zebra-print coffee mug and a pretty bag to wrap it all up in.

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Don't forget, friends: Mother's Day is May 10th. Give all the Mother-figures in your life some time and love this holiday!