Buying a House with a Pool

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If you remember me joking around about our house "deal breakers" not too long ago, you'll know that houses with pools were definitely on that list. We were absolutely not searching for one, that's for sure! 

Then, we stepped foot in the front door and fell in love with a house that just so happened to come with one. So, here we are diving in!


Here's five little tidbits I want you to know about buying a house with a pool, just from what we've learned over the past couple months: 


Once we had an accepted offer and were planning to get a house inspection, we paid additional funds for a specific pool inspection. You have to seek out the right inspection company, as all don't come with this option.

This was so important to us because we were completely naive about pools! We knew that the pump turned on, but that was about it. Adding to the apprehension was the amount of dirt in the bottom. We really needed someone (a pro) to give us an "approval" on the pump, ladder, liner, etc. Fortunately for us, that's exactly what we got. We felt so much better about the equipment and the state of the pool once the inspector let us know that it all looked good and should last us for many years. That peace of mind was so worth the extra money. Get a pool inspection! 


The first thing we did on house closing day was get the basic necessities to clean out the pool. Since the home (and the backyard) had been vacant for quite a while, a lot of dirt had settled on the bottom and the filter was full of leaves. Our first couple items we purchased were a net and a manual vacuum (with tubing).

We dumped out all the yuckiness from the pump's filter and netted out any leftover bugs and leaves. Then a slow, tedious vacuuming process began. Friends, make sure you get a pole long enough to reach the bottom and across to the other side. ! In the store, the 8 foot looked like it was plenty high, but it turns out we definitely needed bigger. Oops. 

I actually learned pretty quickly that it's just easier to get in the pool myself and vacuum it as if it was my living room. Slowly but surely, the dirt was completely gone from the bottom of the pool and it looked like a completely new place! 


I wasn't very great at the sciences in high school and college, so it's a bit much that so many chemicals are involved with owning a pool! I think my husband will be better at this than I. Again, we've been very lucky, so far, that our water has stayed consistently clear and blue since we saw the house for the very first time. We really haven't had to make any major changes or added effort into keeping it clear. 

To help it stay in its best shape, we purchased a simple test kit, where we can see the current chemical levels of the water. So far it has just needed a little bit more chlorine tablets. I'm sure we'll go through some times where we'll have to do something more technical, eventually.

Both of our dads have some knowledge in the upkeep of pools, so they've given us quick lessons in how it all works. If you don't have someone like that in your life, there are plenty of online tutorials and "schools" to get you on a more knowledgable path as a pool owner. Know those chemicals, friends. Or, make sure someone who lives in the house does! 


There's so many items you may or may not need to purchase, according to your specific pool's age and state (new fencing, pool parts, etc...) but one thing is clear that all of us truly need when buying a house with a pool - protection from the sun!

Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen has the perfect formula for sensitive skin like my own. The Blue Lizard® Sensitive lotion is paraben-free and fragrance-free. The very best part? In harmful UV sunlight, the white bottle turns a deep blue, which is a great reminder of how powerful those rays can be (especially when it's overcast).

I like to keep a bag near our pool with some of those little necessities for a day of fun in the sun. Having all the supplies already included and easily accessible just makes for an easier daily pool-going experience.

My bag includes the following:
-one beach towel
-a few goggles
-a hat
-my Blue Lizard® sunscreens

Blue Lizard® sunscreens are in your local Walmart stores, near all the other sunscreen options. If you join iBotta right now, you can earn $4.00 when you purchase Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen - Sensitive!


Being honest here, while I was still a little nervous about owning a pool, I couldn't help but get a bit excited about having all the fun accessories that come with it! Pool floaties come in such fun shapes and sizes now, all of which are totally instagram-worthy.

Beach towels also have stepped up their game from the vacation-souvenir-kind I remember as a kid. They've become a decorative piece of their own in the backyard, along the fence. The amount I have is totally unnecessary, but completely the cutest!

I'll admit - buying a house with a pool attached is a bit scary. We all fear the unknowns, especially when it involves money! However, I don't think I could ever look back now. Having a quiet, relaxing evening in the pool after a long day at work has been absolutely the best. And that's now an option for us every single day...because it's OURS!

It's so worth all the worries we had before moving in.

If you are a pool owner yourself and have some helpful tips to share, please let me know in the comments!