Pale Pinks at IKEA

While pink doesn't seem like a color you'd really want too much of in your home (especially if your husband ever overheard you suggest it), I'm totally here for small pops of pink spread throughout the house. The more they're spread out, the more you can get away with! Here's some pretty-in-pinks you can find at your local IKEA store:

1. VÅRBY LED Table Lamp | 2. JONOSFÄR Pendant Lamp | 3. POKAL Bowl | 4. GOTTGÖRA Lantern | 5. FRÖSAKULL Frame | 6. ROSIG Cushion | 7. TIDSENLIG Candle | 8. SOMLIG Decoration | 9. PINGLA Boxes | 10. SAMSPELT Deer

A candle here, a lamp over there. Pink can be done in more than just little girls' rooms!

Where do you sneak in the pink?