IKEA Vinter Favorites

Back in October, I caught a glimpse of the new Vinter collection at IKEA and I was hooked. Even with my mind on Halloween at the time, that was just the Christmas motivation I needed. There are so many great pale, sleek, winter vibes and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites: 

1. Ornaments | 2. Candle | 3. Small Tree | 4. Wreath | 5. Reindeer | 6. Snow Ornaments | 7. Abstract Trees | 8. Diamond Ornaments | 9. Ornament Wreath | 10. Door Mat | 11. Cocktail Napkins | 12. Cozy Slippers

The best part about most of these items is that they can hang around long after Christmas is packed away and gone. There's always a sadness when my holiday decorations come down for the year...so much so that I think I'll "decorate for winter" afterwards. The reindeer and winter trees from this collection will definitely bring that look together!

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