Oh, Christmas Tree

I realized this weekend that I hadn't shared some of my Christmas decor this year. Not much is new from last year, so maybe that's why I forgot! Also, my living room has been a gift wrapping station for most of December, which doesn't make for the cutest photos!

I really liked when I decided not to make my wrapping paper strictly coordinated last year. The new trend continues with all these fun patterns and colors! I had so much paper from my clearance haul last year, I was able to assign a paper to a person. That makes it a whole lot easier when trying to remember what you wrapped for everyone! At least I know which boxes are whose! 

I didn't make it back to IKEA before most of the Vinter 2015 collection was nearly gone! I did snag two pieces that I really love, though (ornament wreath + tree doormat). Bonus: they aren't red and green, so I don't have to put them away after Christmas. I think I'll let them hang around until Spring begins. 

Above the couch, I spruced up our starbursts with some gold and glam miniature ornaments. They slid right onto the kabob sticks perfectly. I love the added Christmas spirit! In the middle, I made a print I took at a park last year when it snowed. Snow...I barely even remember what that is!

Other than that, it is Christmas business as usual around here. I'm hoping to hit up some clearances after the holidays are over, so I can change a few more things up for 2016. I may even be hoping for colorful ornaments, so I can really liven up the tree next year!

Merry Christmas Eve!