Christmas Card 2015

Call me crazy if you like, but I had a vision for my 2015 Christmas cards as soon as I finished Adele's "Hello" music video on the morning of October 23, 2015. If you haven't watched the video, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and go watch it now. Then, you may proceed to our fun Christmas card shoot. 


HER: drugstore eyelashes | black velvet press-on nails (Halloween clearance) | plaid shirt (ON) | faux fur scarf (amazon) | fuzzy jacket (SheIn) HIM: gray sweater (ON) | khaki pants

The rotary phone was borrowed from a local theatre department. Those are hard to find!

Big thanks to my sister, Bethany, for taking these for us!

For our holiday mailers, I created postcards in photoshop and printed through VistaPrint. I love sending postcards, instead of envelopes. Once they were mailed, though, I heard/saw that the postal service must have been a little rough on these (and even added a stamp across our foreheads)...but I think our friends and family, for the most part, received the cards as they originated. 

Merry Christmas, Friends!