Wedding Music

My friend Lupita asked me yesterday what song I had walked out of my ceremony to and I realized I didn't even remember! I haven't even been married two months and I didn't remember! So, for my own memory and your listening pleasure, here is the music played before + during + after our wedding.

First, let me say that our DJ from DJ Connection was the most helpful guy! Plus, the music he played (in addition to the ones on our list) was so awesome. I remember hearing quite a few compliments from guests that night.

As our guests began filing in, we had a playlist of some of our favorite worship songs. We had created a song list of about 10, which doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it's really plenty. Some of the artists on this list were The Newsboys, Anthony Evans, Shane & Shane and my favorite from Trip Lee, "Good Thing."

The processional for the groom then men & maids (who walked down together, arm in arm) was to Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat's "Lucky." Pretty, modern and mellow.

As for MY walking-down-the-aisle song, I've been wanting to use something by Joy Williams since I was in high school. I looked up to her in those days and absolutely wore out her "Genesis" cd. "What Can I Do (But Love You)" transitioned perfectly from "Lucky" and the words are beautiful too. A match made in 2007-heaven.

Other than the recessional, that was it for the ceremony music! We didn't release doves, pour sand or light candles. Did I mention we had a really short ceremony? Yeah, well, we did!

After the first husband-and-wife kiss (and a couple of hugs), we walked out with our wedding party following to Bruno Mars' "I Think I Want To Marry You." I couldn't be convinced that the song belonged in the ceremony (because it says something about being trashed and breaking up tomorrow), but I didn't mind it being the fun song to end the ceremony.

While we were taking a few family|couple's pictures outside afterwards, our guests were getting their food & seats in the reception area. This playlist included many from Jack Johnson, Al Green & Adele. With our list, our DJ really put in some greats I didn't even think of. Our guests loved this music so much! I heard compliment after compliment.

When we were all pictured-out, our wedding party lined up outside the building so we could dance our way into the ceremony together. DJ announced all our names We had a classic Shrek moment and came in to "I'm a Believer" by Smash Mouth.

Coach and I went immediately into our first dance. Funny story: we've NEVER danced together before...and we probably won't again. I was tripping on my dress and I have no rhythm. It was terrible. He kept telling me I was really stiff and needed to loosen up. I don't do well with attention, so maybe I was panicking. There were a lot of laughs, though!

Here's what we were "dancing" to! One of our favorite artists' this past year has become Jimmy Needham. While looking for wedding songs, we came across "Unfailing Love" that he wrote for his wife. Take a listen. It's beautiful.

"he tells a story of a King coming in glory and He is | and that same man who devised that plan united ours with His | and so hand in hand we will walk with Him as our two become as one | and all the promises He promises to us He promises will never be undone | my unfailing love for you will not be moved | for you will not be moved, | my unfailing love for you | and though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed | yet my unfailing love for you"

A little while after that, it was time to dance with Dad! When I was little, my Dad and I would sit in a rocking chair and sing before it was time to tuck me in. Our variety of music ranged from "Jesus Loves The Little Children" to "Magdalena Hagdalena." One of my favorites I remember is "Charlie Brown" by The Coasters, so that's what we did our wedding dance to. We definitely went far from the traditional father-daughter dance, but it was so much fun!

Then it was time for the rest of the crowd to dance it out. The Wobble, Gangnam Style, YMCA, Apache (Jump on It) were all included, of course. I think our guests had as much fun as we did...which was plenty!

Whatever music you choose, pick it because you both love it and it represents you as a couple. Don't pick the music you think you HAVE to pick. It's your day. Make it yours!